Student work by Janice.  Found Poetry.  December, 2015

Upcoming Classes: Winter 2016

    Upcoming Winter Class schedules for January and February, 2016  (2016?! Yeesh!) Are Here!!   I am honored to be teaching at both Artworks Studio, Hopedale and Alternatives Unlimited, Whitinsville and Worcester.  Classes for Artworks are listed first, followed by those offered through  Alternatives.  Please make sure to scroll so that you may see … Read More

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. In a world where we watch the clock… Stress about things that really are not important… And are always trying to grab that golden ring just out of our reach… It’s so incredibly refreshing to escape into a world of peace just by clearing your mind in the beautiful simplicity of the zentangle world. Thank you sister… For showing me, that quiet simplicity and peace is easy and accessible thru gentle meditative healing zentangle !!!!

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  2. Debbie

    I have just recently discovered zentangle, although I have done it for years on my own, without knowing there was a name for it! I have noticed since I have been spending a lot of time doing it this week, that I am falling asleep very quickly at night, and am dreaming way more than normal. Are these connected in any way? I wake up refreshed, don’t remember most of the dreams, but know that a lot has been going on while I was sleeping.


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